CousinsBNB Supports our Local Businesses!

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We love to be apart of such awesome events! You never know when one of these homes becomes our next airbnb here in Nashville Area!
🍇🧀🍷 Well our industry came to enjoy WINE down & they stayed a while!
Jennifer Love-Hicks listing apparently had the perfect touch for a Wine Down Wednesday Industry Open @ Crystal Falls as we provided feed-back for her to professionally feed forward to the developer of Crystal Falls‼️
🏡📍1133 Lawerence Ave Madison, TN 37115
🗺️Beautiful community for a great TASTE in price! Located just 15 minutes from Downtown Nashville.
We can’t thank our support sponsors enough‼️
💰❤️💯Kerrie Dayton Stalker with Guess Insurance and Debra Jones with CousinsBNB for being a support sponsor for the the food! It was delish!
💰❤️💯Lance Dammeyer Lucky Dog Bus and Tracey Trumphour with Stewart Title support sponsorship with our Go GUARANTY team session for the Bob Ross Tour on the path to homeownership looking for happy trees for happy homes.🌲🏡
💰❤️💯 Scott Miller with 615 Home Inspections and Justin Harding with EPM for our give away drawing!
💰❤️💯 Chris Wilhite for your awesome entertainment as you have a beautiful voice!
Yes, we are returning to the development of CRYSTAL FALLS late September and early October range!
🌲🍃🍂Same spot for FALL SEASON, barbecue and bourbon style.
🍁🍃🍂Fall season is upon us so hello Fall. Hello warms foods and great DRINKS.
🚨🚨 Transportation opportunities
on the BOB ROSS TOUR for our happy trees for happy homes! 🚌👨🏼‍🦱🌲☮️✌️
🍗🥃🔥Let’s indulge and live it with industry friends in a few weeks back here again!
🍗🥃🔥 Barbecue and Bourbon style with other selective thirsty Thursday drinks 3-6pm with pickup/drop off points!
🍗🥃🔥We harvest when the cool weather tells us to. Do the season right with a warm barbecue and bourbon in celebration with our industry friend!
🗓️🏡💰📈 ❤️Life is complete with growth in connecting with great industry friends while growing your business! We welcome you to join for sips got tips to do so! See you soon! 😉✌️☮️